Bulletin Makes First Maker Faire Appearance

Bulletin Makes First Maker Faire Appearance

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What a great weekend in D.C. for Bulletin at the National Maker Faire 2016! It was an incredible opportunity for us to meet with Makers, government agencies, schools and universities, libraries, makerspaces, and more.

The Faire kicked off the National Week of Making, June 17–23, a celebration of the Maker Movement across the country. The week was acknowledged by President Obama and the White House for the incredible accomplishments of Makers across the nation and the value they bring to our country’s future.

In fact, we had to opportunity to meet leaders of the movement that will shape the future of our nation through hands-on learning and new curriculum in schools, innovative problem solving across all industries, reimagined manufacturing, and more. Making is becoming a part of our every day lives, and Maker Faire is the best place to gather and celebrate making.

Facts about Maker Faire:

•  15,000 people visited the event!

•  160 Maker projects were represented including presentations and performances

•  Almost 50% of Maker projects included hands-on activities for attendees

•  Over 55 presentations across 3 stages were held with Maker Movement movers and shakers


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