Bulletin and Inventors Forum at Pepper Tree Elementary School

Bulletin and Inventors Forum at Pepper Tree Elementary School

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On October 27, 2016 Esosa Agbonwaneten, CEO of Bulletin and Cynthia Kirkeby, President of Inventors Forum spoke to Elementary school children and parents as they prepare for their upcoming Science Fairs. The topic was about innovation, inventions, and creativity.

Agbonwaneten shared her story on how Bulletin started and reflected on her own K12 experience; she stressed the importance of her diverse academic background and how it deeply influenced her path in college and journey to entrepreneurship. In elementary school, Agbonwaneten not only participated in science fairs, but she also competed in Pep Oratoricals. In these events, students recited poetry or short stories in front of their entire grade level. Agbonwaneten still remembers taking home the 1st prize for a poem she read by Maya Angelou. Although she was only eight years old that experience allowed her to sharpen her communication skills and enabled her to be comfortable on stage at such an early age. She later went on to hosts different academic ceremonies, she credits Windsor Hills Magnet School for their innovative curriculum. Fast forward to her time at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet high school, where she competed in the LAUSD science fair, and joined Dr. Brinton’s lab, which studied Alzheimer’s disease (to learn more about this see past blog here). Again not only was Agbonwaneten heavily involved in the sciences she appreciated the arts. In addition to her time in the lab, she would spend time practicing with her dance team, Dances of the World (DOTW), where girls from different countries learned different dances from over 50 countries and would perform at not only the school’s end of the year concert [just to embarrass her check out this clip here, she’s in the middle ;-)], but also the most magical place on earth, Disneyland!

Agbonwaneten closed her talk with inspirational words to the students “challenge yourself with new experiences.. embrace both your analytical skills and creativity skills and most of all have fun!” These skills will not only help students as they begin their science projects, but will also be influential as they continue pursuit of their goals.

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